Samar Dubhashi: Bio, Records, Stats

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Samar Dubhashi: Indian Cricketer

Samar Dubhashi is a wicket-keeper from Goa, who made his debut in the 2014/15 Ranji Trophy season. He has been in out of Goa’s Ranji Trophy team and has only played red ball cricket for Goa. He had mixed success in the 2017/18 Ranji Trophy, keeping well but struggling with the bat. He is likely to feature for Goa behind the stumps in the 2018/19 Ranji Trophy.

Samar Dubhashi: Ranji Trophy

Samar Dubhashi’s Debut

Samar Dubhashi made his Ranji Trophy debut in the 2014/15 season and it came against Andhra. This was a very famous match, due to a triple hundred from Srikar Bharat. After this scintillating innings, Bharat became the first wicket-keeper to score a triple hundred in the Ranji Trophy. This match also happened to be Samar Dubhashi’s debut. He was no doubt overshadowed by this other keeper and Dubhashi failed to impress. Dubhashi did not take the gloves this match, Keenan Vaz did, meaning that he was playing as a middle order batsman. Scores of 2 and 24 were not substantial contributions and Dubhashi’s side suffered a huge defeat, after letting Andhra score 548 declared in the first innings. It was a one-sided match and one which Dubhashi will want to forget.

Source: Goa Cricket Association

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Samar Dubhashi in the 2017/18 Ranji Trophy

Since he made his debut, Samar Dubhashi has been in and out of Goa’s Ranji Trophy team. Dubhashi played three matches in the 2017/18 Ranji Trophy season and he was Goa’s wicket-keeper on those occasions. He experienced some mixed form, only managing a top score of 39 in three matches. This came in a draw against Himachal Pradesh. However, aside from this knock Dubhashi did not cross ten in four innings. His remaining scores were: 0, 8, 2, 1. This was a disappointing run of form and one which Dubhashi will be looking to rectify in the 2018/19 Ranji Trophy season. That said, his glove-work was still good. He took five catches and made two stumpings in that time.

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