Kaylum Boshier: Bio, Facts, Records

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Kaylum Boshier: New Zealand Cricketer

Kaylum Boshier is a unique athlete. Not only has he captained New Zealand’s U-19 World Cup team for cricket, but he is also a very talented rugby player. Boshier has played for the New Zealand Barbarians Schools team and has a contract with a rugby academy. At the moment Kaylum Boshier is playing both sports and there is a very good chance that he could become a double All Black. In terms of his cricketing ability, Boshier captained New Zealand’s U-19 World Cup Team for the tournament played in early 2018. Boshier comes from a talented sporting family, with his brother being a professional rugby player as well.

Kaylum Boshier
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Kaylum Boshier: Captain of New Zealand’s U-19 Team

Boshier, a fast-bowling all-rounder, was made captain of New Zealand’s U-19 team for the 2018 World Cup. He had a decent tournament, playing in home conditions, making some runs and bowling decently. Boshier looked especially good in the warm up matches, scoring big runs and taking wickets against Zimbabwe. During the tournament itself, however, Boshier only managed a high score of 31 and took just one wicket. This was a slightly disappointing turn out from Boshier, but only a minor glitch in an otherwise stellar career.

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Kaylum Boshier: A Double All Black?

There have not been many double All Blacks. The most famous of them is arguably Jeff Wilson, who played six ODIs for the New Zealand Cricket Team and also sixty matches for the New Zealand Rugby Team. However, in an interview with the ICC, Kaylum Boshier did not seem keen to become a double All Black. He expressed some concern over how feasible it is in the long term. In the ICC interview, he was quoted as saying:

Kaylum Boshier With Trophy
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“I haven’t really thought about that to be honest, in this day and age it would be quite tough to be able to do that. Somewhere along the line I will have to make a decision but I’m not ready to do that just yet. I’m looking forward to playing rugby next year and I’m enjoying both sports at the moment.”

So, it remains to be seen whether Boshier will commit himself to cricket or rugby, but no matter which sport he picks, it is guaranteed that Boshier will excel.

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