When can Jofra Archer play for England?

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When Can Jofra Archer Play For England?

Jofra Archer is one of the hottest properties in world cricket. A clinical fast bowler, the Rajasthan Royals bought him for an incredible 7.20 crores in the 2018 IPL Auction and he has also impressed in the Big Bash League. Originally of West Indian origin, there is a reason why Jofra Archer has not yet played for England. As he continues to impress around the world, there is one question on the minds of England fans: When can Jofra Archer play for England?

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The fast bowler does have an England passport and does have the right to live and work in England. However, it is not that simple. If he was born in England, the question “When can Jofra Archer play for England?” would be redundant as he would be immediately eligible. The fact that he was born overseas is where the problem starts. Under the current regulations, Jofra Archer cannot play for England until he is 27. This would be in the year 2022, meaning that he would miss the ICC World Cup T20 2020. England could really do with his services in that tournament.

There is some hope on the horizon though. There has been some talk of Jofra Archer having his application fast-tracked. This would completely change the answer to “When can Jofra Archer play for England?” and could make him eligible in just a couple of years. If this is the case, Jofra Archer could perhaps feature for England in the ICC World Cup T20 2020. England, though, are not being distracted by this. Eoin Morgan has been repeatedly asked whether they are concerned over the status of Jofra Archer. Morgan has clearly said that England are not thinking about Jofra Archer until he becomes eligible to play for England.

As soon as he does become available, you can expect Jofra Archer to slot straight into their T20 team.

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