Who Is Jason Sangha’s Favourite Player?

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Who Is Jason Sangha’s Favourite Player?

Jason Sangha is a highly talented Australian batsman, who captained his nation in the 2018 U-19 Cricket World Cup. He was signed by the Sydney Thunder for BBL 06 when he was just 16 and still at school. Like all young children growing up, Jason Sangha had his sporting idols. Interestingly Jason Sangha’s favourite player is not a cricketer. Yes, you read that right. Jason Sangha revealed that one of his main sporting idols is LeBron James.

For those of you that don’t know, LeBron James is an American basketball star who is considered by some as being the best ever NBA player in history. There are many reasons why Jason Sangha may look up to LeBron James. Jason Sangha mentioned LeBron James’ desire to train hard and constantly improve as his main inspiration. Jason Sangha’s favourite player, LeBron James used to turn up to train two hours earlier than everyone else and encourage his fellow teammates to join. For Jason Sangha, this strive and hunger to improve has inspired him to improve his own game and to train hard.

Le Bron Jason Singha
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Moreover, Jason Sangha added that LeBron James has been playing his sport for over 15 years but that has not blunted his attitude towards training – but even late on in his career is still looking to improve wherever possible. Hearing this, it is not surprising that Jason Sangha looks up to LeBron James.

Jason Sangha has clearly learnt a lot from LeBron James as Sangha reflected on his playing experiences, describing how he used to wake up at five in the morning to train for several hours before school. Also, once he got home from school, Jason Sangha used to train until late into the evening.

LeBron James is a great role model for a youngster to have and has been quoted as saying “you have to be able to accept failure to get better”. This is very applicable to young cricketers since you have to first acknowledge your own technical flaws before you can remedy them. Well, there is a reason that Le Bron James is Jason Sangha’s favourite player and we will leave it to that.


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